D6A – Radar observer

3 days
D6A – Radar observer

Course content:

  • basic theory and operation of marine radar system
  • data received by radar
  • performance standard for radars
  • effect of radar on magnetic compass
  • dangers of radar antenna radiation
  • strength of echoes depending of target material and weather conditions
  • false echoes
  • equipment and devices for improving radar echoes Racon, Ramark, SART
  • wave length band S and X , benefits and deficiencies
  • international regulations for preventing collisions at sea
  • switching on and adjustment of picture
  • determination of distance by radar
  • accuracy of distance determined by radar
  • ship’s position with 2 or more distances
  • determination of bow angle by radar
  • calculation of true bearing
  • ship’s position with bearing and distance
  • collision avoidance by radar
  • types of radar visualization and picture orientation
  • determining position of the ship and collision avoidance

Course Features

  • Duration 3 days
  • Lectures 7 h
  • Exercises 14 h
  • Min students 5
  • Max students 12
  • Language English, Croatian
  • Approved by Croatian Maritime Administration